Rain Ranchers

is a family-owned, ARCSA accredited,

full service contracting team that

specializes in sales and installation

of stocked or customized

rainwater harvesting systems. 




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Join Us at Earth Day Texas
Rain Ranchers will be attending the 2014 Earth Day Texas in Fair Park on April 26
and 27. Visit our booth to hear about how
our systems are designed to catch precious rainwater, saving you money.
Admission is free.

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Watch Rain Rancher's
Debut on YouTube!
Have you ever wondered where your food
comes from and the conditions our food is grown? Most of us don't want to know but one
way to be sure of its origin is by raising
your own chickens to produce your own food.
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US Drought Monitor
Regions that are vital to our country's food production are experiencing unprecedented droughts that parch our farm lands and drive up the cost of food.
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100 Ways to Save Water
By WaterUseItWisely.com
Direct water from rain gutters and HVAC systems toward water-loving plants in the landscape for automatic water savings.
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Why Do I Need to Save Water?
An investment in Rainwater Collection will reduce your water bill and pay for itself in a very short period of time. With Texas being in the worst drought in history and lake levels critically low, water can no longer be taken for granted. The cost of water and restrictions of usage is rising and will continue to do so over the next decade as global warming rapidly increases our daily temperatures, which leads to costly evaporation losses.

How Can Rain Water Help Me?
Rainwater collected and used on-site can supplement or replace water used for irrigation. With the use of filtration and disinfection water can also be made potable to be used for toilets, showers, dishwashers, and clothes washers.

Our rain has been scarce, but if you have a collection system in place, you can collect 600 gallons of free water from just 1” of rain on a 1,000 square foot roof.

Harvesting rainwater for home landscaping:

  • Saves you money by reducing your water bills

  • Reduces demand on the municipal water supply

  • Makes efficient use of a valuable resource

  • Reduces flooding, erosion and the contamination of
    surface water with sediments, fertilizers and pesticides
    in rainfall runoff

    Ask the Experts How to Catch Free Rain Water
    at Earth Day Dallas with Help From ARCSA Accredited Rain Ranchers

    Ask the Experts - Collect Your Own Rainwater
    with Help From ARCSA Accredited Rain Ranchers

    Ask the Experts - Raising Your Own Chickens.
    Watch Rain Rancher's YouTube Debut!

    If you're interested in more information about what systems
    would best fit your needs, you can go to our request info page, or you can contact us directly:

    Ken Davis, ARCSA Accredited Professional
    Owner / Designer

    Jennifer Davis

    Project Manager / Logistics Coordinator